Redstone Node.js Java

Node.js Java

Redstone is a Node.js CLI tool to create and manage Spigot plugins (for Minecraft).

Using this you can:

  • Generate a basic plugin structure (using Maven as the dependency manager)
  • Generate boilerplate code for in-game commands, event listeners, etc
  • List Spigot versions

This tool dynamically get the last stable versions of Spigot from their Maven repository.

The plugin template is downloaded here.

A project generated using this tool can be directly imported into IntelliJ IDEA as a Maven project. Spigot and Bukkit will be downloaded automatically via Maven.

It can be installed (with node >= 4.2.3) using npm:

$ npm install -g spigot-redstone


I also released Commander Extra, a wrapper around Commander to be able to build CLI tools like this one more easily.

Craftworld PHP Java Debian Git

PHP Java Debian Git

CraftWorld was a french Minecraft server created in 2011 and closed in 2014.

This project was both a hobby and a way to practice and experiment technologies. The game and the website were hosted on two different machines.

I developed an API and tools to create interactions between the website and the game.

Players could administrate some aspects of the game on the website such as their ingame money and their rank.

I also built a full control panel for the staff team which allowed them to administrate the server without being logged in the game. They could see the console log, execute ingame commands, kick/ban players, install new features, start/stop the server, etc.

With this I've learned many things such as:

  • how to create a development platform using Github
  • install, configure and maintain a debian server
  • project management with Trello