Direct Energie — Paris October 2016 — Now

Direct Energie is a french electric utility company which produces and distributes gas and electricity.

I worked on both the website and on the API:

The Website

  • Configuration (pages, options, etc.)
  • Plugins for custom content
    • Subscription form with complex steps
    • Consumption simulator
    • Client login flow
    • Admin login flow
  • Backend modules
    • Logging tool for WebServices and errors
    • Internal tools (e.g. monitoring)

Custom PHP Micro framework

This micro framework was developed to access the company's data the same way in the website and the API.

  • Composer for dependencies
  • Standalone Doctrine setup for several databases
  • Custom library to call SOAP and HTTP WebServices
  • Enum system to handle business "magic numbers"
  • Documentation in markdown
  • Unit and feature tests using PHPUnit
  • Code analysis with PHPStan


  • Built using Laravel
  • Uses the custom micro framework
Technologies: PHP TYPO3 Laravel Doctrine PHPStan PHPUnit
Globalis — Paris December 2015 — June 2016

Globalis is an IT service company based in Paris. I was on mission at L'Obs, a french online and paper magazine.

Nouvel Obs

The Nouvel Obs is a french paper and online magazine.

I worked both on the frontend and the backend:

  • Home made PHP framework
  • Started and helped the transition from SVN to Git
  • Setup of an internal Gitlab
  • Creation of a backoffice to manage zones (parts of pages) to help redactors organise layouts with a visual UI
  • Worked on the complete refactor of the Article page
  • Discovery of Docker as a dev environment
Technologies: PHP SVN Git Bootstrap Docker
Osedea — Montréal March 2014 — August 2015

Osedea is a web agency based in Montréal, Québec. I started as an intern and continued on as an employee.

The company was small when I started so I had the opportunity to build/discover a lot.

It was also my first time working on MacOS and with a different keyboard layout than the french one.


WeSpeakStudent is the first big project I worked on at Osedea.

This project is composed of several parts:

Pulse, the main backend

  • Built with Zend framework 2 and Doctrine
  • Emails are sent using Mandrill
  • The insurance company can manage everything on the website
    • update the info of all schools
    • manage school administrators accounts
    • manage students registrations forms
    • manage payments made on the website
  • School administrators can manage specific info for their school
    • promotional documents
    • traffic data using the Google Analytics API
    • access to their student listing
  • Students can manage their school app content
    • news
    • events
    • elections
    • polls
    • planning of push notifications in advance


  • On the same stack as Pulse
  • Exposes several services to access and update data

A Website

  • Build with AngularJS
  • Responsive and multi-lang
  • Students can pay for their health insurance using Stripe
  • Setup of for SEO

Mobile apps

  • Built with Ionic
  • Released on iOs and Android
  • One app per school (example)
  • Public transport information is available using the GTFS standard
Technologies: PHP Zend 2 AngularJS Bootstrap Ionic Git


Morcare is an international version of WeSpeakStudent.

Technologies: PHP Zend 2 AngularJS Bootstrap


We built a tool to help with vehicle usage planing in a mine in Canada.

The assigning of vehicles was based on a lot of parameters and was done semi-manually using Excel.

The tool consists of a web app built with Zend 2 and AngularJS. It was able to assign vehicles automatically based on different criteria.

Technologies: PHP Zend 2 AngularJS Bootstrap Git

FamilyReach Give

FamilyReach Give is a crowdfunding app to help families who have a child with cancer.

The backend

  • Built with Laravel 4 and AngularJS
  • The association people can manage families, payments and parameters
  • Data is exposed via a REST APi

The app

  • Built with Ionic
  • Listing of families
  • Payments in-app using Stripe
Technologies: PHP Laravel 4 AngularJS Bootstrap Ionic Beanstalk


Gigleaf is a project built at Osedea. This is a website on which Creative Directors can view and hire Freelancers.

  • First project made with Laravel
  • Single Page Application
  • Queued jobs using Beanstalk
  • Task scheduling using Laravel scheduler
  • Emailing using Mandrill API
Technologies: PHP Laravel 4 & 5 AngularJS Bootstrap Beanstalk

Simply Obstetrics

This is the first project I worked on during my internship at Osedea.

It's an app for doctors made using Ionic. All the content is static.

Technologies: AngularJS Ionic

Osd - a CLI tool

Osd is a tool for the terminal that I started building and kept working on for the entire time I was in the company.

It was first built as a single bash script but was quickly rebuilt using Node.js

It allowed to automate some of the company's processes:

  • SSH aliases management
  • Projects version management
    • creation of Git tags
    • update of composer.json and package.json files
  • Cordova projects compilation to iOs or Android
  • Time management
  • Project skeleton generation
  • Code snippets generation
Technologies: Node.js Cordova Git Android iOs
MorningCroissant — Paris July 2013 — September 2013

MorningCroissant is a house rental platform for your or other people's places.


I did a six months internship in this company in Paris.

I've done many things such as:

  • A drag&drop uploader for photos
  • HTML integration of psd models
  • SEO (sitemaps and cities description extracted from Wikipedia via crawling)
  • Improvements on the internal search engine
  • A/B testing solution
  • Visual calendar to choose availabilities
Technologies: PHP Zend 1
RATP — Paris March 2011 — June 2011

The Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP) is the public transport operator of Paris and it's surroudings.